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News Release - Splitting I.C.E. (Kindle Edition)

Featured Book Release by Frank Sherosky:

Splitting I.C.E. (Kindle Edition)

How Split-Cycle Engines Will Change
21st Century Cars & Trucks

Read the Very First, Published Book About 21st Century, Split-Cycle Innovations, the Auto Industry's Next Evolutionary Step for Internal Combustion Engines. The Foreward is written by Oded Tour, Ph.D., CEO of Tour Engines.

Split-cycle engine architecture opens the door for designers to maximize its thermodynamic energy toward its greatest efficiency potential. This book proves how and why it also has the potential to reach above 54.5 MPG, as well as reduce emissions; and at a cost that the masses can afford. Here's the preview video.

DOE, IEA, Mobil and BP reports indicate the I.C.E. (internal combustion engine), NOT expensive full electrification, will likely remain the primary propulsion system for autos and trucks even by 2030; some industry analysts say 2050. With the 2025 mandate of 54.5 MPG already in place, automotive manufacturers are already facing the inevitable truth: the internal combustion engine (I.C.E.) based on the Otto Cycle is no more than 30% efficient. It will now require a major change in its 130 year DNA so as to meet its full efficiency potential.

Thus the Split-Cycle Engine has the potential to become that next evolutionary step.

Affordability is a major issue toward acceptance by the masses. Witness how electric-assisted hybrids and full electric vehicles are affecting the affordability of transportation. Thus this book is an eye opener for the public as well as auto industry analysts, engineers and managers.

"Splitting I.C.E." reveals, not only how split-cycle engine technology will change the future of 21st Century automobiles and trucks. Moreover, each reader grows in understanding why the efficiency benefits of the engine must be in perspective to Peak Easy Oil, with an emphasis on affordability that will support the green agenda with sufficient volume so as to finally make a measurable difference.

The split-cycle engine is one technological achievement that has the potential to solve a major problem in modern society - inefficient use of transport energy.

For a FREE Inside Look that includes the Table of Contents and three introductory chapters, Click Here NOW.

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