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Week of 2014-02-02

Still Too Much Engine Technology Piecemeal at 2014 NAIAS
It is hard to respect when you know the truth behind corporate marketing of Halo technology. The latest centers on the Fiat Chrysler, Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. Great stride in MPG we are told, but far away from what’s needed to contribute to the corporate average of 54.5 MPG. Here’s what must be done. Continue Reading ….

Week of 2014-01-01

How Halo Cars Send the Wrong Message
Ford’s plan to present solar power panels for its C-MAX Solar Energi Concept vehicle at 2014 International CES in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10 is merely part of the technical marketing game that automakers play. It is hard to respect when you know the truth behind Halo cars. Continue Reading ….

Week of 2013-12-02

Define Green Car Affordability
It’s apparent to me that auto journalists and automakers are oftentimes so entrenched in green tech thinking that they miss the point when the public dislikes an automobile. Sure, styling is one aspect, but more important is the value defined by price. Continue Reading ….

Week of 2013-11-17

Ford Engine Cutaway at NAIAS
Ford Engine at NAIAS (Photo by Frank Sherosky)

Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency to Rise
How long will the internal combustion engine remain as the primary propulsion system for cars and trucks? If you listened to the green movement and read all their blogs, EVs will be taking over anytime now. Well, not so fast I say, as the I.C.E. has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Continue Reading …